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Abilities are distinct from traits in that they represent the culture of a given race, rather than any innate characteristics.

List[edit | edit source]

Name Description Requirements
Adaptable Can colonize tier 1 extreme worlds
Amphibious Can colonize water worlds early game, with no penalty. Can terraform 1 extra water tile each tech age. Mercenaries Expansion
Ancient Gets Research from Precursor Artifacts
Coercive Planets can adjust their planetary Production manually.
Colonizers First improvement on all new colonies is free.
Discreet Receives a free random tier 1 mercenary every game, when they first encounter the Bazaar. Mercenaries Expansion
Engineers Shipyard production decays at half of the normal rate.
Entrepreneurs Trade Routes give Approval bonuses to both parties and 2 extra Trade Routes
Intuitive Starts with free Research (250 research)
Knowledgeable Starts knowing the location of other homeworlds
Paranoid Free drones defend planets, shipyards and starbases
Prolific Planets start with 100% more population than is brought on the Colony ship
Scavengers Have a 25% chance capturing the ships of your vanquished foes. Revenge of the Snathi DLC
Starfaring All starbases get the first module free. All ships are immune to Nebula
Synthetic Disables Food and natural Growth. Instead an Assembly project is used to produce Citizens.
Unrelenting Invasions never cost credits
Unwavering Colonies are much harder to Culture flip
Vigilant Starbase have larger Areas of Effect. Enemy ships are slowed, and player ships gain an attack bonus, while in the area of any starbase. Mercenaries Expansion
Warriors Ignore 10% of all damage done to their ships. All weapons have 10% longer range. Mercenaries Expansion
Wealthy Starts with tourism enabled and with extra credits (+2500bc)
Zealots Get an Ideology point each time you invade a planet (15 points to dominant Ideology)

Removed[edit | edit source]

The following abilities were removed for the final release but still remain within the game's code.

  • Patriotic (Immune to the large empire Approval penalty)