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Ideology is one of the defining traits of an empire, defining whether they are Benevolent, Pragmatic, or Malevolent. Each of the three ideologies has twenty unlocks divided into four tiers of similar theme.

Introduction: Unlocking Ideological Traits[edit | edit source]

Ideological traits are unlocked using points amassed through colonization events, building colony improvements, and other decisions made throughout the game. Each ideology's points can only be used to unlock that ideology's traits - in order to turn a new leaf as a malignant galactic scourge, you'll need to practice what you preach. Each event will present a set of choices, each thematically corresponding to and offering points for one of the alignments.

Ideologies increase in power from left to right along each tier. Initially, only the first (leftmost) ideology in each tier is unlocked. To unlock the next ideology in a tier, it is necessary to purchase the preceding ideology. The first ideology adopted costs 10 points, and each subsequently adopted ideology costs 10 points more than the last (across all tiers). Thus, it usually makes sense to focus on a small number of tiers (potentially across alignments) before costs become prohibitive.

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Ideology Tables[edit | edit source]

The three ideology tables are presented below in somewhat abbreviated form for quick reference. These tables can also be accessed in-game using the ideology tab in the main screen.

Abbreviations: DoW Declaration of War; ZOC Zone of Control

Benevolent[edit | edit source]

This ideology will generally improve Research, Morale, Influence, and colonization.

Outreach Pioneering - Free Colony ship Explorers - Class 10 Planet Prolific - Colonies start with +2 pop Adept - Extra Tile for each Colony Beacon - Class 16 planet
Affinity Elevated - Elevation Foundation unlocked Dignified - Home World Morale +50% Appreciative - First Five Colonies Receive +5 Morale Noble - All colonies +50% Morale Curious - All Starbases +10% Morale
Prominence Eminence - Missionary Center unlocked Admirable - Influence Growth +50% Enticing - All planets or Starbases in our ZOC join us Alluring - All Starbasess give +50% Influence Radiant - All Planets +50% Influence Growth
Enlightenment Educated - +150 Research Skilled - All Starbases +10% Research Enriched - Temple of Enlightenment unlocked Breakthrough - +300 Research Quantum Leap - +600 Research, All Colonies +5 Research/turn

Pragmatic[edit | edit source]

This ideology will generally improve defense, Starbases, Trade, and Diplomacy.

Vigilant Prepared - Preparedness Center unlocked Favored - Anyone at War with Us Receives -25% Approval Reserved - Enemy Ships/Sensors in our ZOC receive -25% Range Cautious - All Planets +3 Ships Watchful - Free Escort Fighters
Builder Constructive - 3 Free Constructors Coordinated - -50% Shipyards Decay Inventive - +2 ZOC Resourceful - +0.1 Mining Efficient - Starbases have no maintenance cost
Traders Exporters - Trade Licences +1 Merchants - Trade Income +25% Luxury - Luxury Trade Routes enabled Indispensable - Trade Route Diplomacy +0.5 Shrewd - Diplomatic Trades for Credits +25%
Negotiator Neutral - DoW Against You Impossible for 50 turns Amiable - Diplomacy +1 Arbiters - Arbitration Center unlocked Popular - DoW on us Angers All Others Venerable - Invasion of our Home World causes DoW On the Invader by Others Not Allied with the Invader

Malevolent[edit | edit source]

This ideology will generally improve offense, Social manufacturing, Military manufacturing, and power projection.

Aggression Militaristic - Free Frigate Ship Eager - Bonus Approval for Conquering Planets Threatening - 5 Free Transports Dangerous - Advanced Transports Aggression - Free Overlord Ship, All Planets
Motivation Intimidating - Intimidation Center unlocked Relentless - Home World Production +10 Ruthless - Military Manfacturing +100% Implacable - Death Furnaces Unforgiving - All Colonies +25 % Production
Greed Uncharitable - Gross Income + 10% Utilitarian - Class of first five worlds +1 Tightfisted - Citadel of Revenue unlocked Slave masters - Trade brings Slaves Relentless - All Colonies increase the amount of Land Available
Awe Scary - No penalty for Shared Borders Feared - Minors Trade Value +50% Unnerving - Enemy Ships in our ZOC -25% Hit Points Exalted - Class 16 Planet Defects to You Undaunted - Immune to Culture Flip

Building Details[edit | edit source]

Some of the bonuses in the table unlock buildings, which require additional explanation.

Elevation Foundation: Increases a Single (1 per faction) Colony's Morale by 100% and grants 1 Benevolent Ideology Point Each 5 turns

Missionary Center: Increases Influence and Grants 1 Benevolent Ideology Point per Center constructed every 10 turns.

Temple of Enlightenment: Grants a 200% bonus to research for a Single (1 per faction) colony and generates a Benevolent Ideology point each turn.

Preparedness Center: Increases the defense of a colony and grants 1 Pragmatic Ideology point every 10 turns per Center constructed.

Arbitration Center: Increases the Pragmatic reputation of the faction building it, and encourages other factions to have your faction arbitrate their disputes.

Intimidation Center: Increases the morale of a colony by 50% (+10% per level, +2 adjacency to Approval) and grants 1 Malevolent Ideology point every 10 turns per Center constructed.

Citadel of Revenue: Increases income and grants a Malevolent Ideology point every 5 turns.

Death Furnaces: Increases the raw production of a colony by 50% (+10% per level, +3 adjacency to Production and Research) and grants 1 Malevolent Ideology point every turn. Extremely powerful since there are very few improvements that improve the raw production values before it gets allocated to manufacturing, research and wealth.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Galaxy Size and Density of Occupation: The primary means to gain ideology points is the colonization process and the building of ideology producing buildings (which need be unlocked in the ideology table before they can be used). If playing a small galaxy you may have few choices and they should be made with the understanding that you will be very unlikely to be able to unlock ideologies further into a particular section. On the other hand, in a not too densely populated immense galaxy you may be able to unlock an entire table. Plan accordingly. In any event a critical issue is whether you can unlock the buildings that give ideology points over time. If so you will get a steady, if slow stream of points; but if you cannot reach them to unlock you obtain nothing.

Time Dependent Value of Some Ideology Items: Some ideology features vary a great in value depending on when they are unlocked. For example, Benevolent - Enticing forces all colonies and starbases in your ZOC to convert to your faction. It is important to realize that this is a one-shot, one-time opportunity. Only enemy starbases and colonies in your ZOC at the time this bonus is unlocked will be affected: anything afterward will not be affected. Thus, if there are few or no enemy starbases or colonies in your ZOC unlocking this trait is not helpful. On the other hand, unlocked at an appropriate time it can be a massive game-changer. If you have a few colonies that you are just beginning to influence and if there are major or minor mining or other starbases in your ZOC the balance of power in the galaxy can change instantly. Thus full awareness of the ideology table and its consequences at a particular point in the game is potentially vital.