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Diplomatic actions are the cornerstone of effective diplomacy.

Basic actions[edit | edit source]

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Treaties[edit | edit source]

Treaties are formalized commitments that have a large impact on relations with the other civilization.

Type Effect
Declare war Declare war on the other civilization.

End the war between your two civilizations.


Create an alliance between your two civilizations, vowing to support your ally's side in any war.


Embargo a third party's civilization, refusing the establishment of trade routes and severing existing routes.

Declare war on another civilization declare war on a third party's civilization.
Open borders

Allow each other's ships to pass through your respective territories without diplomatic penalty.


Share each other's sight in the fog of war.


Both parties agree not to declare war on each other.


Give a 10% bonus to influence per turn to the other civilization through the sharing of culture.

Free trade

Give a 5% bonus to colony research and wealth generation to the other civilization through the sharing of markets.


Give a 5% bonus to colony manufacturing and wealth to the other civilization by agreeing to open slave markets.

Strategic resource

Allow the other civilization to use some of a strategic resource instead of the owner of that resource.