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Galactic resources are a type of resource found throughout the galaxy. They are mined by space stations equipped with a mining module. Each resource allows you to build special, powerful components on prototype ships or special, powerful social buildings on your colonies.

Types of galactic resources[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Function Rarity Appearance
Durantium GC3 Icon Durantium.png Allows construction of prototype kinetic weapons, armor, and manufacturing buildings. 1 Durantium appearance.jpg
Elerium GC3 Icon Elerium.png Allows construction of prototype beam weapons, shields and military buildings. 5 Elerium appearance.jpg
Antimatter GC3 Icon Antimatter.png Allows construction of prototype missile weapons, point defenses and Antimatter Power Plant. 4 Antimatter appearance.jpg
Promethion GC3 Icon Promethion 32.png Allows construction of prototype engines, life support systems and population growth buildings. 3 Promethion appearance.jpg
Thulium GC3 Icon Thulium 32.png Allows construction of prototype sensors and research buildings. 2 Thulium appearance.jpg

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