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Ground invasion

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Ground invasions are the usual method of conquering enemy planets. Transport ships equip people from a friendly colony with appropriate gear and carry them across the void to an enemy world that has been cleared of space-based defenses.

How to Invade[edit | edit source]

  • First, you must research the Planetary Invasion technology.
  • Second, build Transport ships at a friendly shipyard, and launch them with however much population you choose.
  • Third, move your Transports onto an undefended enemy world. You'll then choose your invasion tactics, and see the outcome of your decisions.
  • Fourth, cross your fingers that you brought enough guys.
  • Fifth, profit. Provided you brought enough guys.

Invasion Mechanics[edit | edit source]

As of game release and patch 1.01, all of the invasion events occur behind the scenes. The basic mechanics however have been discussed by the developers in forum posts. Presumably, this is what is happening when you invade a planet.

Invading: Transports bring “Soldiers”; Soldiering modifies the amount of people you bring. So, a transport with 4 people with a 50% soldiering bonus is the equivalent of 6 Soldiers.

Defending: A planet's defense is determined by 3 things:

  1. The population of a planet is divided by its class, so a class 10 planet with 20 pop, ends up with 2 defending troops per tile.
  2. Resistance is the % of that population that will fight, if the planet has a 50% resistance, then each tile will have 1 defender.
  3. Planetary Defense is the most straightforward: a percentage of the invading troops are killed immediately before landing on the planet surface. If 6 soldiers try to invade a planet with 50% planetary defense, half of them die immediately. 6 Invading Soldiers becomes 3.

The invasion then plays out like this…

The invading troops that made it through the Planetary defense system, land and take out one tile at a time. Depending on the invasion, method the casualty rates will vary, but as each tile is fought over, the invaders and the defenders take casualties. For this example we will say the invader has a casualty rate of 50%, which is pretty high.

Tile 1, 3 Invaders > 1 Defender, Invader wins, but loses 1 soldier Tile 2, 2 Invaders > 1 Defender, Invader wins, but loses 1 soldier Tile 3, 1 Invaders <= 1 Defender, Invader loses, invasion repulsed.

This is a really simple example, but is more or less how it works. Where strategy comes in is in the invasion types, as these can modify Soldiering, Resistance, and Planetary Defense.

A few more notes.

Each Transport pod takes its own tile, and moves on, so with more troops and transports the invaders will attack multiple tiles. Number of invaders * soldiering / pods = number of troops hitting a tile at a time.

Unlike in GC2, invasions do not kill everyone on a planet, depending on the invasion type, the defending casualties can vary from light to genocidal. As each tile falls, a certain amount of defenders will survive. If the invader wins, they will become part of the planet's population after the invasion is over.

Some invasion types are so horrific that they will do damage to the planet or at least destroy improvements. They will also have long term effects on the planet, often leaving it with durational modifiers, like low approval for x turns.

Invasion Tactics[edit | edit source]

If you've researched the appropriate technology, such as Biological Warfare, you can pay credits to enable special tactics during an invasion. Biological Warfare, for example, reduces the enemy's ability to resist your assault while simultaneously reducing the chance for existing improvements to be damaged during the invasion.

Tactic Cost (bc) Extra Effect Invader Casualty Rate Defender Casualty Rate Planet Damage Lingering Effect
Conventional Warfare 0 None Low High Moderate None
Planetary Bombardment 500 -50% Resistance Low Very High Very High -50% Approval for 50 turns
Information Warfare 1000 -25% Defense and Resistance Very Low Low Very Low None
Biological Warfare 500 -50% Defense Low Very High Very Low None
Tidal Disruption Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Core Detonation 1000 -50% Defense and Resistance Very Low Very High Very High None

Defensive Tactics[edit | edit source]

The ability to resist a ground invasion depends on planetary defenses, resistance, and soldiering ability.

Resistance determines the percentage of the planet's population that will try to defend the planet from an invasion. The rest of the population will suffer losses from the invading force, but they do not assist in repelling the invaders.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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