Kinetic Weapons (Technology)

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For the general article on the weapons see Kinetic weapon
Kinetic Weapons
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General information
Tech AgeAge of Expansion
TechnologyWeapons Specialization
Unlocks Technology
TechnologyKinetic Optimizations
TechnologyKinetic Augmentation
Unlocks Ship Component
Ship PartRailgun
Ship PartRapid Reload
Unlocks Starbase Module
Starbase ModuleRailgun Rack

The Kinetic Weapons technology is the first tech down the kinetic weapons branch of Warfare technology. It is available in the Age of Expansion and is unlocked by researching Weapons Specialization.

The technology unlocks two ship components in the Railgun weapon and Rapid Reload augment, and the starbase module Railgun Rack.

Descriptions[edit | edit source]

Short[edit | edit source]

Allows construction of improved kinetic weapons.

Long[edit | edit source]

There's just something nice and honest about a projectile, isn't there? And thanks to a little help from teams of massive electromagnets, we've now got some extremely fast projectiles to work with.