Marcus Cory

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Marcus Cory

Marcus Cory is a commander in the Terran Alliance. In the campaign and tutorial the player takes the role of Cory.

Several years before the events of the campaign Cory met with a representative of the Thalan Confederacy who warned him of the coming crusade that would be led by Humans and 'would bring the end of all things'.

In 2242, Cory commanded the T.A.S. Revenge and led a small group of ships, including the T.A.S. Strider, T.A.S. Farsight and T.A.S. Last Hope into deep space to find a new home from the few survivors of the conquering of the Alliance by the Drengin Empire.

Colonizing the planet Refuge Cory has to deal with the neighbouring Iconian Refuge and the more hostile threats of Space Pirates and a lone colony of Drengin. His success against these obstacles secures this small foothold of humanity. However, he is unable to rest long as he is suddenly contact by the long absent Admiral D.L. Bradley of the 1st Fleet. They have returned from their isolation in a pocket universe and are gathering near Arcea to take the war back to the Drengin and free Earth from its self inflicted Precusor prison.