Orphica Enclave

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Orphica Enclave
TraitsMilitant (-2)
Ship call signsOAV
LeaderOrphic Prime
Default statisticsWar Endurance: 100
Resistance: 0.5
Infuenace: 10
Home colony population: 5
AI behaviorMilitary: 8
Growth: 14
Tech: 16
Diplomacy: 12
Expansion: 18
Wealth: 10
Influence: 6
Fortification: 20

The Orphica Enclave are a minor faction in Galactic Civilizations III. They were design by Psiyon as part of the Faction design contest and was the winning entry.

Ensnare the Galaxy[edit | edit source]

Contrary to the general assumptions of uninformed galactic citizens, the Orphic Prime unit puppeteering the so-called "Orphic Enclave" is not a sentient artificial intelligence. An ancient experiment in genetic programming algorithms gone hellishly wrong, the long-extinct inhabitants of Orpheus have long since had their brain matter repurposed, expanding the Prime unit's computational power to Godlike proportions. Recently, the Orphic Prime unit has learned to exploit the galactic tourism industry: individuals are plugged in to perfect virtual reality while the idle portions of their mind add to the Prime unit's power.

Strength and Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

The more computational power the Orphic Prime unit has available, the more power it has over the landscape of Orpheus. Although its power grows slowly, over time, Orpheus can become a galactic powerhouse.

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