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Ship call signsPeacekeeper
Default statisticsWar Endurance: 0
Resistance: 0.5
AI behaviorMilitary: 16
Growth: 8
Tech: 12
Diplomacy: 20
Expansion: 18
Wealth: 14
Influence: 10
Fortification: 6

The Peacekeepers are a special faction that is activated by a Mega Event. They are only available through the purchase of the Mega Events DLC.

Event Trigger Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Strange news from our scouts. They have encountered several giant space faring robotic vessels that are patrolling deep space. They are continuously broadcasting a single message "We will keep the Peace." They have begun attacking the vessels of any race that is currently engaged in a war.

Responses[edit | edit source]

  • We must take advantage of this turn of events and try to resolve our current conflicts. (Benevolent)
  • If they encourage peace, we should support them. But if they threaten us, we will destroy them. (Pragmatic)
  • We will not bow to the whims of these interstellar peaceniks. We will destroy them along with our enemies. (Malevolent)