Precursor Archive (Artifact)

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Precursor Archive
General information
TypeUnrecognized icon nameArtifact Stat Icon.png Artifact
Upgrades toUnrecognized icon nameArtifact Stat Icon.png Precursor Archive Study
Adjacency+2 Unrecognized icon nameGC3 Research Spending Stat Icon.png Research
Construction0 Unrecognized icon nameGC3 Productive Ability Icon.png Social Construction
Maintenance0 Unrecognized icon nameGC3 Colony Maintenance Stat Icon.png Maintenance

Precursor Archive is an Unrecognized icon nameArtifact Stat Icon.png Artifact colonial improvement in Retribution.png.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Precursor Archive is a trove of information left behind by those who came before. While it is impossible to generally extract all of the knowledge held within, improving this tile would allow the civilization to query the archive with all outstanding questions related to the current research project, thus immediately completing the research. Only a total of three projects can be completed this way.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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