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Star system

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A Star system is a galactic feature consisting of a star and its orbiting planets and asteroids. Every star system has three zones proceeding outwards from the star: dead, habitable and outer. Dead zones contain only scorched, dead planets, while habitable zones can contain habitable planets. Outer zones contain gas giants, frozen dead planets and asteroids.

Faction star systems[edit | edit source]

Every faction has a corresponding unique star system.

Star system Faction Habitable planets Asteroids Requires
Sol Terran Alliance Earth (12), Mars (6) 1
Drengia Drengin Empire Drengi (14) 1
Altaris Altarian Resistance Altaria (14), Wisp (6) 1
Iridii Iridium Corporation Iridia (14), Vallus (5) 2
Icos Yor Singularity Iconia (16) 2
Kryseth Krynn Syndicate Kryseth (10), Kryseth Beta (5), Kryseth Gamma (5) 2
Iconis Iconian Refuge New Iconia (14), Sanctum (5) 1
Thalis Thalan Contingency Thala (17) 2
Snathos Snathi Revenge Snathi Prime (15, bread basket) 2
Arb Minor factions Arb (16) 1
Serenity Custom Serene (12, serene) 2
Arcea System Arcean Empire Arcea (12), Hammer (8) 2 Mercenaries.png
Torus System Torian Regime Toria (12), Pearl (8) 2 Mercenaries.png
Onyx System Onyx Hive Onyx (11, active core) 3 Crusade
Slyne System Slyne Slyne Omega (11, shrouded), Ita (9, frozen world) 2 Crusade
Proxima Centauri Terran Resistance Refuge (15, shielded) 2 Crusade
Ra'nagoh Korath Kora (12), Kynda (5) 1 Retribution.png
Drathis Drath Legion Dratha (13) 1 Retribution.png
Alpha Repeculae Tywom Tywomia (12) 0 Heroes of Star Control: Origins DLC
Beta Pavo Mu'Kay Mu'Kayaan (12), Beta Pavo III (4) 1 Heroes of Star Control: Origins DLC
Delta Xiphios Mowlings Moop (12) 1 Heroes of Star Control: Origins DLC
Delta Gladius Free Trandals Delta Gladius I (11) 2 Heroes of Star Control: Origins DLC

Randomized star systems[edit | edit source]

The rate of habitable planets depends on the map settings.

Star Planets in habitable zone Asteroids
Unrecognized icon nameYellow Star Icon.png Yellow 2-3 1
Unrecognized icon namePurple Star Icon.png Purple 3-4 1
Unrecognized icon nameRedGiant Star Icon.png Red giant 1-2 1
Unrecognized icon nameOrange Star Icon.png Orange 1-2, 1-3 (25%) 1, 0 (25%)
Unrecognized icon nameBlue Star Icon.png Blue 1-2 1
Unrecognized icon nameWhite Star Icon.png White dwarf 1 0