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Shipyards are the manufacturing location for an empire's starships in Galactic Civilizations III.

Purpose[edit | edit source]

Shipyards are critical because they represent the only method for constructing starships, whether for combat or for various other purposes, such as scouting, surveying, trading, and so forth. You are provided a shipyard at your home planet at the start of a game; it is important to realize that building additional shipyards at a planet that already has one is pointless, as a colony can only sponsor a single shipyard. Secondly, the loss of shipyards by enemy attack makes it impossible for that colony to build additional ships and leaves it helpless. Thus in war shipyards are a very high priority target; ordinarily in war they should be the first targets in order to cripple the enemy's combat power. It is arguably more important to destroy a shipyard than an enemy fleet in many situations. Invasions of colonies can then proceed at will. Defense of shipyards is therefore also a major priority.

Construction[edit | edit source]

Shipyards can be constructed in two ways. First, the colony can put a shipyard in its build queue as if it was any other building. Secondly, if an existing shipyard builds a constructor, the constructor can then be sailed to a location near another colony and be converted into a shipyard. This is often a good plan early in the game as shipyard building is expensive, and because a powerful manufacturing colony can produce constructors quickly and relieve new colonies of the burden of building their own shipyards. It is not required to build a shipyard for every colony; certain colonies dedicated to wealth or research may not find them useful.

Sponsors[edit | edit source]

Shipyards obtain their ability to manufacture ships by being sponsored by one or more colonies. Click on a shipyard, then click "manage" in the box that appears in the lower left corner of the screen. You will see a list of ships to build and one displayed. At the bottom of the column on the left is a box labelled "Edit Sponsors". Click this to get a list of potential sponsors for the shipyard. In this display one sees two columns listing colonies. Colonies in the left hand column are not sponsoring the shipyard; those in the right hand column are sponsoring. Each box showing a colony will give information about the amount of manufacturing available. Hovering with the cursor over this number will show what percentage the shipyard will actually receive. Numbers highlighted in green mean that planet can contribute planet population to colony ships. One can click the various shipyards to change whether they are sponsoring or not.

Sponsoring Restrictions[edit | edit source]

Multiple planets can sponsor a single shipyard, but each planet can only sponsor one shipyard. Sponsorship can be changed freely and without penalty.

Any colony can sponsor any shipyard, but if they are far away from each other, the effectiveness is reduced. Terrans receive less of a penalty than other races to long-distance sponsoring.

Placement[edit | edit source]

The distance of the shipyard from the colony determines what percentage of possible manufacturing support the shipyard will receive. Up to six hexes distance this percentage will be 100%; shipyards farther away will "waste" some production. Note that at present there is a racial trait "Engineers" that means that there is no loss of production to a shipyard with distance. In addition, there is an Ideology trait in the Pragmatic/Builder line which reduces the effect of the distance of the shipyard from the colony.

Shipyards can be sponsored by multiple colonies; this means that one can avoid building some shipyards, and that a single shipyard can potentially build ships much more quickly. Thus the shipyard will want to be placed so that it receives 100% support from all of its sponsors, or as close to 100% as possible. Although a shipyard may not be placed ideally when created, it is possible to click on a shipyard, and then click in the box in the lower lefthand corner "Unanchor". Doing this will free the shipyard to move. It can then be directed to a better location. Note that it can only move one hex per turn and that it cannot build any ships while in transit. Once it reaches the desired location, clicking on it to get the shipyard box allow one to click "Anchor" so that the shipyard will begin producing once more. If you direct a shipyard to a new location, the game will alert you when the shipyard arrives at that location so you can decide whether to "Anchor" it.

Production[edit | edit source]

The amount of manufacturing support that a shipyard receives depends on how much manufacturing a sponsoring colony produces and further on how that manufacturing is divided between social and military construction. Only military production is used for building ships. It may therefore be reasonable to set a colony's manufacturing level to a maximum and to set the social/manufacturing slider to 100% military if it is necessary to produce a ship as fast as possible, such as during wartime.

Effect on Economy[edit | edit source]

If a colony is sponsoring a shipyard, the military/social slider becomes active automatically. Initially the slider will be positioned at 50% so that half of the manufacturing output of the colony will go to the shipyard, and half to constructing buildings on the colony ("social"). Obviously this may not be the ideal setting desired, and if not it will need to be adjusted.