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== Weapon types ==
There are three types of weapons: [[kinetic weapon]]s, [[beam weapon]]s, and [[missile weapon]]s. Each type of weapon has a base range, cooldown and accuracy. Thus, each type is useful in particular combat situations. Each weapon type is countered by a specific type of defense, allowing for optimization of matchups. A different [[galactic resource]] is consumed to construct each type.
{| class="wikitable"
! Accuracy
! Defense
! Resource
| [[Kinetic weapon|Kinetic]]
| '''Low'''<br/>{{Kinetic Accuracy|80%}}
| {{Icon|armor rating}} [[Armor]]
| {{Thulium}}
| [[Beam weapon|Beam]]
| '''Average'''<br/>{{Beam Cooldown|+3}}
| '''High'''<br/>{{Beam Accuracy|+100%}}
| {{Icon|shield strength}} [[ShieldShields]]
| {{Elerium}}
| [[Missile weapon|Missile]]
| '''Average'''<br/>{{Missile Accuracy|+90%}}
| {{Icon|point defense}} [[Point defense]]
| {{Antimatter}}


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