T.A.S. Crusader

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T.A.S. Crusader
Terran Crusader01.jpg
The Crusader
General information
AffiliationTerran Alliance
Unrecognized icon nameGC3 Colony Maintenance Stat Icon.png Maintenance0
Unrecognized icon nameGC3 Saving Stat Icon.png Treasury3949
Unrecognized icon nameGC3 ShipLogistics Icon.png Logistics4.5
Ship Report
GC3 Beam Attack Stat Icon.png 240
GC3 Missile Attack Stat Icon.png 150
GC3 Kinetic Attack Stat Icon.png 45
GC3 Shield Strength Stat Icon.png 75
GC3 Point Defense Stat Icon.png 80
GC3 Armor Rating Stat Icon.png 80
Unrecognized icon nameGC3 HitPoints Icon.png Hit Points500
Unrecognized icon nameGC3 Moves Icon.png Moves7
Unrecognized icon nameGC3 TacticalSpeed Icon.png Tactical Speed35
Unrecognized icon nameGC3 ShipRange Icon.png Ship Range27.6
Unrecognized icon nameGC3 SensorRange Icon.png Sensor Range6

The T.A.S. Crusader was a Terran Crusader class starship that served as the flagship of the 1st Fleet when it returned near Arcea in 2242.

The Crusader was considered to be the most powerful starship ever built by the Terran Alliance. It made use of advanced Precursor technology, including The Bane that made it extremely powerful. When operating in a fleet it also was able to improve the combat performance of other ships.

The Crusader spearheaded the liberation of Arcea from the Drengin Empire and the fight through Drengin space to free a besieged Earth. The Crusader then brought down the Precursor shield around Earth, freeing the forces that had been trapped inside for a decade.

Components[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Crusader is a mission critical asset. If it is lost in either of the two missions it appears in will result in the player losing the game.
  • While the ship is labelled as a Crusader class it is exactly the same as the standard Terran Titan in design.