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Eh figured an easier way to get all commands only after extracting from EXE file. In the future create a 'printconsolecommands.txt' file and include all commands with 'help ' preceding them and add `savelog printedconsolecommands`, place the file in the folder of the EXE and afterwards run them with 'run printconsolecommands', like so:

help modcredits
help modpop
help modcult
help modstat
help liststat
help colonize
help createtraderesource
help finish
help event
help unlock
help fastunlock
help destroy
help fow
help fowtrans
help displayfow
help resources
help killplayer
help force
help ai
help displayinfluence
help dipstate
help addmod
help god
help fps
help hideui
help setgov
help localplayer
help showmem
help assetreport
help savelog
help turn
help cam
help gencompthumbs
help genconfigthumbs
help genleanmaps
help help
help clearlog
help lighting
help range
help sectorlines
help showRallyPoints
help cameralock
help objectgfxconfig
help resetlighting
help smoothinfluencelines
help convertconfigs
help upprime
help upmeeting
help soak
help spawn
help battle
help spawn
help battle
help spawnfaction
help assassination
help spawnartifact
help spawnanoamly
help convertdeadplanet
help convertdeadplanettothulium
help convertasteroidstodurantium
help convertgasgianttopromethion
help spawnelerium
help spawnrelic
help spawnantimatter
help grantrandomtechtoall
help sounds
help stopsounds
help hotkeys
help battlesync
help battlepaths
help run
help info
help debugcinecam
help shortshipnames
help enableheapasserts
help wingame
help losegame
help allmercs
help resetmercs
help test
savelog consolecommands