Terran Remnant

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Terran Remnant
Typemajor race (tutorial only)
TraitsProductive (+2)
Adventuresome (+2)
Likeable (+2)
Fast (+2)
HomelandSol system
Ship call signsT.A.
LeaderCommander Marcus Cory
Default statisticsWar Endurance: 90
Resistance: 0.5
Influence: 10
Home colony population: 10
AI behaviorMilitary: 16
Growth: 8
Tech: 12
Diplomacy: 20
Expansion: 18
Wealth: 14
Influence: 10
Fortification: 6

The Terran Remnant is a special major race that is only available in the Tutorial.

History[edit | edit source]

In 2242, the Remnant was made up of a fleet of only 4 ships: the T.A.S. Revenge, T.A.S. Strider, T.A.S. Farsight and the T.A.S. Last Hope. Fleeing from the Drengin Empire's conquest of the Terran Alliance they sought refuge in a distant region of the galaxy.

The Remnant encountered the Iconian Refuge, who pointed them to a habitable planet, colonizing it they named it Refuge.

The Remnant aided their neighbors by defeating a pirate menace in the region before wiping out a lone Drengin colony located nearby.

Following their victory over the Drengin the Remnant received a message from Admiral D.L. Bradley stating that the 1st Fleet had returned from a pocket universe and was marshaling near Arcea with the aim of securing Earth. In response, Cory led a fleet to join Bradley.

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