Train Diplomat

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Train Diplomat
Citizen Diplomat.png
General information
TypeUnrecognized icon nameClockwise-rotation.png Project
Upgrades fromUnrecognized icon nameGC3 Influence Stat Icon.png Diplomatic District
Gives1 Unrecognized icon nameCitizen Diplomat.png Diplomat
Construction750 Unrecognized icon nameGC3 Productive Ability Icon.png Social Construction
Resources5 Unrecognized icon nameIcon Res SnugglerColony.png Snuggler Colony
Maintenance0 Unrecognized icon nameGC3 Colony Maintenance Stat Icon.png Maintenance

Train Diplomat is a Unrecognized icon nameClockwise-rotation.png Project colonial improvement in Crusade and Retribution.png.

Description[edit | edit source]

Recruits a Unrecognized icon nameCitizen Diplomat.png Diplomat by promising a house full of Snuggler pets.