Xeno Archeology (Retribution)

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Unrecognized icon nameArtifact Stat Icon.png Xeno Archeology
General information
BranchUnrecognized icon nameCustom Colonization Tech Icon.png Colonization
Tech AgeAge of Expansion
Cost128 Unrecognized icon nameGC3 Research Spending Stat Icon.png Research
TechnologyUnrecognized icon nameArtifact Stat Icon.png Xeno Artifacts
TechnologiesUnrecognized icon nameArtifact Stat Icon.png Precursor Studies
ImprovementsLevel 2 Artifact Improvements

Xeno Archeology is a Retribution.png technology that enables greater use of Precursor artifacts.

Description[edit | edit source]

Research in Xeno Archeology has revealed that by constructing special scientific learning centers, called Foundations, on Precursor artifacts, a civilization can learn to make a single use, or "charge" in the vernacular, of a Precursor artifact, providing strong bonuses to the civilization. Understanding how to reuse an artifact requires further research.

AI Weight[edit source]

Military Growth Tech Diplomacy Expansion Wealth Influence Fortification