Yor technology tree

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Yor Technology Tree Lines
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Propagation Tree
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  • Collective Manufacturing - Contains manufacturing and research improvements and starbase modules
  • Power Matrix - Contains empire-wide population cap and adjacency bonuses and population cap improvements
  • Planet Utilization - Contains population cap improvements, terraforming, mining, and colonization technologies

Engineering Tree
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  • Ion Drive - Engine modules and ship speed modules
  • Interstellar Survey - Precursor artifact bonus, targeting, and sensor techs
  • Zero Gravity Construction - Ship hull unlocks, repair systems, and carrier techs
  • Interstellar Logistics - Contains logistics and range technologies

Warfare Tree
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  • Weapon Systems - Standard Weapons
  • Militarization - Planetary Invasions/Fortification
  • Defense Systems - Standard Defenses

Interaction Tree
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  • Interstellar Governance - Different percentile bonuses based on specialization choice
  • Diplomacy - Contains different diplomacy options and bonuses
  • Cultural Influence - Influence improvements, starbase modules, and bonuses
  • Economic Efficiency - Income and a few influence techs
  • Interstellar Trade - Trade bonuses and improvements
  • Xeno Entertainment - Approval and Tourism bonuses and improvements